R3DDragon Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS

Since R4 3DS cards were popular, a lot of developers create and release homebrew applications for the people to enjoy on their Nintendo 3DS portable game console.

R4 3DS cards nowadays have homebrew applications support. What this means is that you can install and run homebrew games and applications on your Nintendo, provided that you have an R4 3DS card.

An R4 3DS card runs by mimicking an original Nintendo 3DS game cartridge and running unsigned code to hack the system and allow you to do a plethora of things afterward.

There are plenty of emulators that can be installed on the Nintendo 3DS. For those of you who do not know, emulators are homebrew applications that allow you to mimic another game console.

In this article, I will talk about the R3DDragon Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS. This is a virtual boy emulator created by a developer named “mrdanielps”.

Now, the Virtual Boy was supposed to be a smash hit but when it hit the market, it was a complete flop.

It doesn’t mean that the games were bad; it is just that the marketing team that was supposed to handle the sales of the game console were not as effective as other gaming companies.

The reason why mrdanielps created a Virtual Boy emulator for the Nintendo 3DS is because he wants to revive the forgotten game console and allow you to play it on the portable game console.

He said that the new Nintendo 3DS is more than capable of running this emulator without any problems because of the new hardware specs.

If you are interested in installing the R3DDragon Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS, you must have an R4 3DS card. It doesn’t matter which R4 3DS card you choose as all of them now have homebrew applications support.

Anyway, here are the things that you need to do to install the R3DDragon Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS:

  1. Download the files from the official github from mrdanielps
  2. Make an R3DDragon folder on the root folder of your microSD card
  3. Extract the contents of the downloaded file and put them inside the R3DDragon folder.
  4. Now, place the microSD card into your R4 3DS card and power on your Nintendo 3DS.
  5. I am assuming that you already have the Homebrew Launcher installed. In case you don’t have it, download and install it in your Nintendo 3DS.
  6. Then, all you have to do is run homebrew launcher and then run the R3DDragon application and that’s it!

You can download the ROM files for the emulator on the internet. Bring classic gaming to your Nintendo 3DS with the R3DDragon.

This Virtual Boy emulator is very good and the developer is active. If you find any issues regarding the emulator, you can message him via his official Github.

Special thanks to the creator, mrdanielps, for this great emulator. It has been fully optimized for the new Nintendo 3DS game console. If you have an R4 3DS card, definitely ty the R3DDragon Virtual Boy Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS.